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Animal Unit

Animal Unit


We are a registered charity transforming the lives of autistic people.  To ensure our pupils and club members are integrated into the local community we open our gates for typical children and adults to benefit from our facilities.

We provide:

  • Riding for the Disabled
  • Perfect Pony Parties
  • Small Pet Boarding Facilities
  • Animals for Therapy Sessions
  • Celebrate Christmas
  • Siblings Groups
  • Clubs & Befriending
  • Parents Support Groups
  • Training Courses

Every year we also provide for local children an Easter Egg Hunt with Easter Bonnet Parade and the most amazing Halloween Extravaganza all in the safe surroundings of Hope House.

Parents have been heard to say “How many doors?” when their children are trick or treating around the school.

Why not come and join us at these events or book your party or pet boarding with us.  You will be helping us raise funds for our children and having a thoroughly good time as well.

Please contact school for booking forms & any more information on our services

Perfect Pony Parties

Hope House now provides Pony Parties on our beautiful 2 acre site with our ponies Bella and Largo and our wonderful donkeys Kenny and Chloe.

When booking a Hope House Party you do so with the knowledge that the following lawful requirements are being met:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Local Horse Riding establishment license approved
  • All staff have DBS checks
  • First Aid staff available at all times

Each party is individually planned and organised for you to achieve your child’s extra special party day.  We consider the level of experience the children have with ponies (if any).  Children aged up to 12 years are able to attend Pony Parties.

You can choose one of the following themes for the party. 

  • Unicorn day: Using our beautiful white pony, Bella, and the softest pastel colours, she is transformed into a stunning unicorn for the day
  • Princess Party: Our Activity Room is transformed into a Palace for your day
  • Teddy Bears Picnic: For toddlers in our adventure playground with Big Ted and a teddy for each child to play with
  • Fairies and Toadstools: Musical mushrooms, magic potions and much more for this magical day
  • Western Theme:  With a balloon stampede and find the Wanted Man

Cost of a party is from £195.00 for up 10 children, with additional children up to 20 charged at £15 per head

Included in the price is:

  • FREE party invitations with map
  • FREE Personal Party Plan
  • A 2 hour party
  • Lead rein pony ride
  • Pony grooming  and pampering
  • The use of a decorated party room, walk ways and stables
  • Party food hamper for each child
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Party Pinata

Please call 01636 700380 for more information & booking form

Celebrate Christmas

Every weekend in December our animals celebrate Christmas with children.  For just £15 per child the young person is able to join us for a lead rein around the site.  They can also groom and pamper the ponies and the donkeys, although Kenny will be busy during the day in our Bethlehem stable with our nativity scene.  Babies in prams not taking part are free of charge.

Our decorated Party Room will have other activities and refreshments for all.

Visits start at 10.30 am and are staggered throughout the day until 4.30 pm.

Send for a booking form and join us on the following dates in 2019.

7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th December.



Animal Boarding

Who looks after your precious pet, be it, Benjamin Bunny or Roland Rat when you are away on holiday?  Let Hope House look after them for you.  In our four 5 * Eglus we can house rabbits and guinea pigs outside, in the fresh air and on beautiful lush grass.  These houses are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Your rats, mice, and gerbils can all come in their own houses.  We even cater for reptiles. They will be cleaned out and fed and watered as if they were at home.

You can be assured that your pets will get the very best attention.  Book them in as soon as possible for any holiday whether you are away in the school holidays or in term time. 



£4.50 per day for rabbit

£1.50 additional rabbit in same hutch

Guinea pigs

£3.50 per day

£1.00 additional piggy in same hutch

Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse

£2.50 per cage per day

Prices are per day, including drop off day and collection day.  If however, you collect before 10.00 am there is no charge

Our fee includes

  • Daily care including a daily health check
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables each day
  • Unlimited fresh hay each day
  • Bedding

Please bring your own dried food to ensure continuity of diet for your pet.

Animal Therapy Experiences

Our autistic children benefit massively from animals.  Whether it is reading to dogs, stroking a cat when they are upset, riding a horse whilst learning to spell, our animals are our friends, our confidents and our rocks.

We would like you to share our experiences and offer to bring our animals to you or for you to visit our site to see them in their homes.

Any of these animals can be adopted for £25 a year for which you receive a newsletter each term and 3 visits to see them each year.

But Hope House is on the move.  If you would like to see our animals at your function, or for them to visit you in your nursery or retirement home then we will come to you. 

The cost is £50 per hour to bring these darlings to see you and your service users. 

If however, you would like to come to see our wonderful school in our delightful 2 acres of land then you would be very welcome.  Tea and biscuits would be provided and takes place at 2.30 pm. Your visit can start from 1.00 pm when you will be taken on a tour of our Animals Unit.  Staffing must be appropriate to the number of clients you are bringing on site.  The cost is the same as if we come to you.

Animal therapy can be accessed by most people and is beneficial to many including people who have:

  • Mental illness, depression, anxiety, anger and stress
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Vision impairment
  • Speech and language problems

Equine therapy will soon be available for adults and children with special needs.