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New After-School Clubs

New After-School Clubs

16 Jan 2019

George Pooley is our new Clubs and Befriending Manager. He has organised Lego Based Therapy Club which starts on Tuesday 5th February 2019 from 5.00pm till 7.00pm and the following week will be Drama Club which will be at the same times.

The cost of these clubs will be £12.50 for the 2 hours.

Drama Club

Drama Therapy is the intentional use of drama and or theatre production processes to achieve theraputic goals. This will allow the participants to express feelings or experience an release.

Brick Club

Is a very effective way of building social skill programs which translate into real world peer interactions. Children really enjoy this club.


Whilst these two clubs are being delivered, parents and carers are invited to a support group where they are able to socialise, share experiences, and gain training and more understanding of autism from the professionals.