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ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and accreditation Network) is an awarding organisation whose curriculum programmes and qualifications help young people develop knowledge and skills for learning, work and life and is used by Hope House School, indeed for many of our pupils it is the only qualification they will undertake and receive.

All pupils will have at least two current courses they are working on and these are chosen by ASDAN Coordinator with input from the pupil and education managers. This ensures that each pupil is participating in courses that suit not only their abilities but also challenges them with the aim that by the time they leave education, they have the necessary skills to engage in the wider world to the best of their abilities.

ASDAN produces its own recovery curriculum which pupils have undertaken on the return to school after the first lockdown and summer holidays last year. This helped pupils work through their emotions and feelings regarding the lockdown and pandemic but also got them reacquainted with being back in the learning environment.

Regarding assessments, this involves checking pupils work and outcomes against learning objectives and completion of challenges though we are currently in the process of putting an assessment tracker together. This will then be used termly to mark off pupil’s progress through each challenge and the steps taken to complete them.

Click on the links for the curriculum Summer term 21  &  Spring term 20/21