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Hope House School uses Cornerstones as their main curriculum outside of ASDAN and Maths. Cornerstones provides a varied and engaging range of topics across the primary curriculum. This is used across school with the exception of Post 16 and subjects are differentiated to suit pupils individual learning abilities and goals.

During the return to school after the lockdown and summer holidays last year, it was decided by Senior Management that Cornerstones lessons wouldn’t resume until the second part of the autumn term to enable pupils to settle back into the classroom environment.

Cornerstones provide pupils with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of lessons including art and design, science, cooking, history, geography and expressive arts. Each lesson also factors in FBV and SMSC.

Assessment for Cornerstones has previously been done by considering pupils learning against set learning objectives however we are in the process of setting up the assessment tracker on Cornerstones Maestro

Click on the link to view Cornerstones curriculum Spring term 20/21

Cornerstones Autumn 20