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Hope House School

Tropic Skincare

Tropic Skincare

This young dynamic company is part owned by Lord Alan Sugar and Suzie Ma (2011 Apprentice) plus 3000 Ambassadors, one of whom is our Principal, Terri Westmoreland, who recruited two of our female students, who will run the business as part of their ASDAN Enterprise qualification.  

 These amazing products are available to purchase at school, on our on line shop, at our various school through functions

Made of natural products they are Vegan friendly, never tested on animals and are very economical.

If you would like to hear more about our products then please do not hesitate to contact Terri Westmoreland at school.

Have a look at our online shop.

Egg Production

The girls have been joined by a boy.

Roger, the cockeral, arrived at Hope House with the next 30 girls which we have bought.  These girls have white feathers so that we do not mix them up with the existing troup of 10 laying hens.  Amazingly the new girls are now laying and some of their eggs have the most beautiful blue shell and apparantly taste delicious.  We are going to try and rehome the original 10 hens when their laying life has come to an end, and then want to invest in another 30 brown chickens so that we have up to 60 eggs a day.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our eggs please ring the Reception Office who will put you through to the correct person. 


In an effort to encourage our pupils and  club members to have a healthy varied diet, we grow as much as possible in our allotment.  Fruit and vegetables are our main aim products and of course rocket for George the Bearded Dragon.  (Its the only thing he will eat apart from locusts!!)

We also sell any spare produce to our supporters especially the elders of our community, who some of our children and young people visit  to see if they need any shopping, errands running, dogs being walked etc

Using the allotment as a source of fresh air for the pupils, sensory feedback for some children requiring it by digging and carrying, weighing and measuring for children struggling with maths the outside is fantastic in many areas.


Our next Business Hub project is to establish a pottery in the craft room on site.  It will enable children to run another enterprize where funds can be raised to purchase equipment that would otherwise take money away from the Education Budget.  It also ensures that our pupils understand that there is a world of work out there and to have the better things in life its good to work and achieve.

We are aiming to be able to purchase a Cromartie top loading kiln after the summer holidays and set up the studio whilst pupils are off site for 6 weeks.