Vision, Values & Ethos

Our Vision... for every young person to fulfil their personal potential. Hope House School supports students to develop into happy, healthy, and secure young adults who are prepared for Adult Life. 

Our Values...

..are based upon recognition that our young people join us having had difficult journeys and their education experiences have not always been positive ones.  

Therefore, we aim to transform young people's experiences of education by taking a pro-active approach to predicting and addressing any barriers to learning. We embrace the benefits of individualised approaches and curriculum tailored to the needs of our young people.  We also recognise the importance of integrating the therapeutic approach by working with Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Educational Psychology. Ultimately, Hope House School wants to be the enabler of our young people to confidently take up their place within society.

Our Ethos...

..adopts a culture of integrity, mutual respect, and kindness, valuing the individual at all times. This is reflected by ensuring the voice of our young people is heard through PRIDE (Peace, Respect, Independence, Determination and Equality) Force. We work closely as a community with families and professionals, recognising that each brings their own area of expertise to support our students to become secure and independent members of society.