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Hope House School Welcomes Bailey the Dog

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16 September 2021

Hope House School is pleased to announce our new School Dog Bailey who will be starting work with us in October 2021. Bailey is Joanne Kiernan's (Interim Headteacher) family dog, and his breed is Cavachon. Bailey has been school dog at a number of special needs schools and loves coming to work with Joanne. During the day he will be visiting classes at certain times, listening to young people reading, and sitting with them in a calm environment. Bailey's breed is kind, loving and people orientated, he does not shed fur and is bred for being hypoallergenic. We will be checking with parents to ensure that their child would like to be around Bailey and preparing our young people for his visits. Further information can be found in our Policy Document and Risk Assessment below.

I know everyone is excited to be welcoming Bailey School Dog to the team and we will be communicating about his work in our newsletters.